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Letter from Chris Thornton:

Dear Users,

It is with a heavy heart that I reluctantly remove Darn! Passwords from the market.  Darn! is no longer sold or supported by Thornsoft Development, Inc.  We kept it alive for another 10+ years after Emmasoft, but the industry has moved on.  A modern password manager needs to be cross-platform, cloud-enabled, sensitive to browser context, able to auto-fill forms, highly secure, and backed by dozens of developers, testers, security analysts and big $$$.  Adding all of this to Darn! is something that we are just not able to do. 

Darn! Reminder Software!

Darn! Passwords 2000-2014

We hope to keep this site up to allow users to have access to the software in order to migrate their data to a new password platform. 

So what do we use?  Brenda has a Mac, and uses something called "Keeper".  I use a series of Windows PCs, and Android phone and Android tablet, and I have found that LastPass does a great job. I was able to migrate from Darn! to LastPass in about 10 minutes.   LastPass has an import wizard that already knows about the Darn! CSV format. So I "printed" my passwords from darn, choosing to export to a .csv file.  Then I copy/pasted the contents of that file into LastPass, and voila!  All of my passwords were there.  LastPass has everything that a modern password manager should have, including cloud sync (but they never know any of your passwords, which is cool), 2-factor authentication, form fill, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

In closing, I'd like to thank our users for many years of support and kind words. I'd also like to thank Dan Veaner for inventing this great software in the first place. It was truely one of the forerunners of this market category, and whenever I look at a fancy modern solution like LastPass, I can see Dan's ideas still alive.

Many Thanks,
Chris and Brenda Thornton

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2003-2014 by Thornsoft

Darn! Is No Longer Sold.  (Darn!)
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